Meet Jeff Kern

The man behind JEK Designs

Born in a golfing family, Jeffery Eugene Kern learned from an early age how to see a golf course.  He learned how to build it from flat land, to see it in a valley, and to make it come alive in a dessert.  He sees what most humans take for granted.  Dirt.  The rises and falls, the slopes, the sand traps, the bums, the work is amazing.  But the true genius is in making nothing into something great.  His greatness makes us all who play on his designs better at golf.

Jeffery started building golf courses with his father Rick Kern at Hillcrest Golf Course in Durango, Colorado, where Rick was superintendent for 26 years. Jeff learned how to maintain a golf course, mowing and weed eating by age 10. He started driving equipment at age 15 and learned how to build his first real tee box and greens by age 16.

While getting trained it was very apparent Jeff had a gift.  Like anyone with a talent, you use it.  He started building for a company called Southwest Greens at age 20, when he and his wife bought their first franchise.  He had already trained under a well known golf course builder and wanted to branch out on his own. Jeff was able to meet and build for many professional golfers and athletes throughout the years. 

For Jeff it's not about money or shortcuts it's only about quality and originality. Anyone can copy another green from a known golf course but building brand new with the same originality and quality as say Pebble Beach or Augusta is very rare. JEK has that rareness when you call him or his office to get a design you can expect to be handed blue print style architectural designs.  No, Jeff usually shows up with a can of orange spray paint and will try to explain what he sees.  It puts some people off, many just can’t see it.  Don’t be deterred by the process, he then will draw it out on paper if you are lucky.  However, to put it on paper, means it can then be attempted by another inferior company.  So, Jeff doesn’t waste his time, you must trust in “the Kern way.”  His design construction is always better than his drawing, it’s worth it.

He has a gift with real greens just as he does with synthetic. Although the process to build them both are completely different, many have come to Jeffrey to teach them how to design a great pro quality green. He has accepted a few and turn down dozens.

Jeff builds just for you and your family. He tailors each project to your visions. Anything your heart or imagination can come up with he can build.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.
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The JEK Crew

JEK Designs has some of the best workers around.
They tackle every project with the best work ethic
talent and positive attitude. We are proud of their results
and so are they.


On the Job Site

See some wonderful before and after images
taken by our crew while on the job.