Custom Furnishings & Finishes

JEK Designs goes beyond greens and structures, Jeff has a creative knack for designing custom furniture and decorative elements to coordinate with your featured projects. From one of a kind fences, to bridges, statues, flagstone walkways, wood furniture, logos cut into the grass and so much more. Jeff’s attention to detail extends beyond the ordinary and will often offer suggestions for every element down to the flowers surrounding your project.

For more information on Jeff’s custom designs fill out our contact form or email us directly at


Bridges and Waterways

What golf oasis is complete with the zen ambiance of a water feature. Whether a stream, waterfall, or fountain, added a water element along with a custom bridge can take any greenspace to the next level. Jeff strives to bring unique and one of a kind ideas to each project, custom tailoring your product to your vision.



A place to rest and take a load off in between strokes. From live edge wood
to metal creations and everything in between JEK Designs create truly
stunning additions.


Custom Finishes

We design and sell custom golf flags, balls, and, course markers and swag.
Complete your greens with a moniker, par for the course.


Arbors, Pergolas and Structures

Custom Logos and Imprints

There’s no limit to the structures JEK Designs can create. From overhangs to arbors, patios, kitchens and full outdoor living configurations, JEK Designs can tackle your project to create a cohesive look that compliments your greens.

Have a favorite sports team, logo or alma mater you want to pay tribute to? We can add those custom features to your space. We love tackling new challenges and can’t wait to see what you want featured in your greens.